The most important questions and answers at a glance:

#1 What age are the wax crayons suitable for?

Wax crayons are suitable for all ages! Only for children
Under 3 years of age, the restriction applies to these wax crayons
Due to small parts that can be swallowed, it is generally only used under supervision
should be.

#2 What does the brand name EMMIbee mean?

Brand name EMMIbee refers to the connection point tradition –
Modernity. EMMI, read backwards, stands for the old word IMME, which
Bee means. In the word bee as the modern, international
The impulse for contemporary products comes from an understandable word for bee
Expression. And of course the activity – be(e) creative!

#3 Why do you keep emphasizing that you don't use waxes made from petroleum or palm oil?

we do not use any waxes from petroleum or palm oil,
We emphasize this because we are the only manufacturer of
Wax crayons and wax crayons are! Unfortunately, everyone else bets
Manufacturers of these waxes – even if it says something like “with
pure beeswax”.

made from petroleum (paraffin) is neither sustainable nor environmentally friendly. wax
from palm oil (stearin) is responsible for the destruction of jungles

#4 What are the EMMIbee wax crayons made of?

Wax crayons are made from 100% purely natural, sustainable materials
waxes and the coloring pigments. They do not contain any auxiliary
or fillers.

#5 What are the boxes made of?

Boxes are made from 100% recycled paper. These are printed in
Alcohol-free offset process with low-mineral oil eco-printing inks. She
do not contain any plastic.

#6 Where can you buy your wax crayons?

You can order our wax crayons directly here in the shop or in
selected local shops. If you can't find them near you,
ask us where else you can get them.

#7 Where are the wax crayons made?

Wax crayons are manufactured exclusively in Germany
so “made in Germany”. Our strong partner is the Farbenwerkstatt
Höhenberg, which produces exclusively for us in Bavaria.

#8 Which waxes do you use?

All waxes are carefully selected by us for the wax crayons
natural and sustainable origin. Except for the beeswax
all waxes are purely vegetable.

#9 What do the names of the colors tell me?

There are countless names for the different colors. Ours orientate
is based on the names that have always been used classically, such as
Lemon yellow, Prussian blue and carmine red. These are names that have been around since...
Discovery can be used for specific shades.

#10 What are these blocks good for?

so-called wax crayon blocks, or blocks of wax crayon for short
were originally designed as a supplement to the over 100 years ago
American Edwin Binney invented wax crayons. She
are primarily used for flat painting by using one of the
Edges of different lengths are placed on the paper and drawn over it
or pushed so that a colored area (or a wide one
Color stripes) arise.

You can also give the wax crayons to smaller children, as there are
They find this easier than holding a pen.

#11 Are the wax crayons washable?

Yes, the wax crayons can be washed out of textiles in the washing machine at higher temperatures.

#12 Are the wax crayons poisonous?

No, the wax crayons comply with the European standards DIN EN 71 for children's toys and are completely non-toxic.

#13 Are the wax crayons water-soluble?

Wax crayons are waterproof, they cannot be used on paper
Water can be painted. To make wax crayons water soluble
certain chemicals are used that we consider to be questionable
and therefore don't want to use it.

#14 What is the best paper for painting with wax crayons?

In principle you can use any paper! Ultimately it is something
A matter of taste because the structure on different papers
is applied differently. But our recommendation is that of
First-class painting paper offered to us by the renowned German company
Paper manufacturer Hahnemühle, which has a particularly fine texture
having. You can get it from us in sizes DIN A4 (small) and DIN A3

Some wax crayons turn whitish over time
Veil on the surface – is that the case with yours too?

Wax crayons become whitish when you buy them or over time
If you have a veil, it doesn't matter at all. On the contrary, this is
a sign that natural waxes are included! Should it be you?
If it still bothers you, you can remove it with a soft cloth.
Otherwise it usually disappears if the wax crayons are frequently used

#16 What criteria do you use to choose your colors?

For us, color harmony is our top priority when selecting colors
Job. Because our colors are for people and not for technical ones
Applications are made, we work with artists and educators
together and develop colors together that complement each other perfectly
are coordinated and with which you can be creative according to your taste

#17 Are there reduced prices for kindergartens and schools?

for kindergartens, schools and other institutions are ours
Wax crayons are no more expensive than other wax crayons. You have to each other
Just register here on the website via “Dealer” and then you can
there at affordable prices for your kindergarten or school

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