About Us

At Emmibee we focus on products that are impressive
can. There are no hidden, harmful and critical ones here
Ingredients, but high-quality, long-lasting and, above all, sustainable

Our wax crayons

Our wax crayons are the ONLY ones WITHOUT petroleum wax and WITHOUT palm oil wax!

✓ classic wax crayons
✓ Pens and pads
✓ WITHOUT petroleum wax
✓ WITHOUT palm oil wax
✓ made from natural waxes
✓ with pure beeswax
✓ bright colors
✓ great painting properties
✓ growing color range
✓ Made in Germany

For eco-friendly shopping

The best, most environmentally friendly and socially responsible
A business concept is nothing without loyal customers. With
ecoistic (sustainable, responsible, environmentally friendly,
social) products, each of us can make a small contribution.
With a holistic, sustainable purchasing approach, we ensure this
Switch towards responsible business.

We are happy that you are here

We develop our products ourselves – in close cooperation with them
users. We welcome everyone who joins us
Our young company history gives us feedback on our products
leaves behind.

this is us

Stefan, Christine, Irmin, Hanna, Theo, Mira