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Wax crayon blocks “Mountains”

Wax crayon blocks “Mountains”

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Emmibee wax crayons - mountain edition for little adventurers

Ignite your child's creativity with the magic of the mountains:

The Emmibee wax crayon mountain edition invites your child to put the majestic beauty of the mountains on paper. With this special palette of 6 earthy and sky-high colors, every work of art becomes a peak experience.

The special features of the Berg Edition:

Close to nature: Inspired by nature, our wax crayons are free from petroleum and palm oil waxes, so that the environment is also protected.

Firmly in the hand: The sturdy blocks are child's play to hold and promote your child's artistic talent without breaking.

Colors of nature: With shades of gray, black, and touches of pink, orange and white, your child can bring the diversity of the mountains home.

Creativity without limits: Whether your child wants to paint a peak backdrop or an imaginative mountain adventure, these colors bring every idea to life.

Durable and reliable: Thanks to their high quality, the Emmibee wax crayons offer long-lasting painting fun.

Especially for little artists: Designed to strengthen fine motor skills and promote creative expression.

Hassle-free cleaning: Easily removing traces of paint blocks makes cleanup a breeze.

What's in the box:

6 wax crayon blocks

Color Palette: Mountain-inspired tones including gray, black, pink, orange and white

Theme: Mountains

Sustainability: Environmentally friendly and safe for you and nature

Offer your child a window into the world of imagination with the Emmibee BergEdition wax crayons and watch how small works of art capture the greatness of nature.

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