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Wax crayons "Sea"

Wax crayons "Sea"

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Emmibee wax crayons – sea edition for little sailors

Take your child on a creative journey across the seven seas:

With the Emmibee wax crayons in the Sea Edition, your child can discover the endless expanses of the ocean and capture them on paper. This selection of 6 maritime colors brings the diversity of the sea and its inhabitants into your child's hands.

A sea of ​​possibilities:

Environmentally friendly: In the spirit of protecting our oceans, we do not use petroleum or palm oil waxes in our wax crayons.

Child-friendly: The ergonomically shaped blocks are specially developed for small hands so that your child can paint without the risk of breakage.

Maritime color palette: With the colors dark blue, black, orange, brown and red, your child can capture the mood of the sea and its colorful world.

Endless painting fun: Whether underwater adventures or pirate ships - these colors stimulate the imagination and withstand the enthusiasm of little artists.

Quality that impresses: Our wax crayons are known for their longevity and will accompany your child on many artistic journeys.

Supportive: They not only support creative development, but also strengthen fine motor skills and color understanding.

No stains on deck: Paints are designed to be easy to handle and clean.

Contents of the Sea Edition:

6 wax crayons

Colors: Inspired by the depths of the ocean and its colorful inhabitants

Theme: Sea

Environmentally conscious: Environmentally friendly and safe for you and nature

Cleaning: Simple and uncomplicated

Enable your child to express their love of the sea and playfully explore the world of colors with the Emmibee Sea Edition wax crayons.

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