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Wax crayons "Forest"

Wax crayons "Forest"

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Emmibee wax crayons - forest edition for little naturalists

Awaken the magic of the forest on paper with your child:

The Emmibee wax crayons in the forest edition offer your child a palette of colors that are as rich and vibrant as the forest itself. With these 6 earthy tones, every picture becomes a journey of discovery into the mysterious world of the forests.

A forest full of discoveries:

Environmentally conscious design: Our wax crayons are made without petroleum and palm oil waxes to protect our forests and nature.

Made for little hands: The ergonomic pens are ideal for children's hands to make their first attempts at painting in a stable and safe manner.

Natural color palette: The colors brown, dark red, green and black reflect the diversity of the forest and invite your child to create their own version of the forest.

Creative Learning: These crayons encourage curiosity and understanding of nature while providing fun painting.

Robust and durable: The high quality guarantees that your child will enjoy the coloring pencils for a long time.

Supports development: They not only promote creativity, but also fine motor skills and spatial thinking.

Easy to clean: Even the greatest artistic adventures end without much cleaning - the wax crayons are easily washable.

What you get with the Forest Edition:

6 wax crayons

Color palette: Deep green, brown and red tones as well as black

Theme: Forest

Responsibly Manufactured: Yes

Sustainability: Environmentally friendly and safe for you and nature

With the Emmibee wax crayons forest edition, your child can experience the peace and beauty of the forest and be creative at the same time.

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