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The ultimate Emmibee creative set: start your colorful journey

The ultimate Emmibee creative set: start your colorful journey

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Welcome to the world of Emmibee, where colors and creativity meet sustainability! Our exclusive starter offer invites you to explore every corner of your imagination with the extensive set of eight. This set combines all four variants of our wax crayons and wax crayons in one package, perfect for beginners and professionals.

Contents of the set:

  • 4x wax crayons in the theme worlds of mountains, sea, forest and meadow
  • 4x wax crayon blocks, each matching the pen variants
  • Inspiring color palettes that balance nature and creativity
  • 100% sustainable: Free from paraffins and palm wax

Why choose the Emmibee creative set?

  • Variety of colors: Discover the wide range of colors, ranging from soft earth tones to vibrant sea colors - ideal for versatile artwork.
  • High quality: Our wax painting products not only offer intense colors and great coverage, but are also safe and environmentally friendly.
  • Creative start: The set contains tips and ideas to get started straight away, as well as inspiration for your first or next artistic projects.
  • Perfect gift: Whether as a starter kit for a creative journey of discovery or as a gift for art lovers of all ages - the Emmibee creative set will delight everyone.

Begin your journey into a world where your imagination is the only limit with the Emmibee Creative Set. Whether for painting, drawing or creative DIY projects - with this set every stroke becomes a small contribution to a more colorful and sustainable world.

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